A selection of noteworthy tools I’ve done, more to come!

Three Line – Unity Level Editor


For the game Three Line (working title) I developed the core system for how the levels work, including a level editor to quickly be able to create new content.

Features include:

  • Add/Insert/Remove points to create a continuous path.
  • Change radii of points to the curvature of the path.
  • Insert static or dynamic objects along the path at defined distances.
  • Full undo capability.
  • Level data is¬†stored ScriptableObjects, making it easy to combine several levels in sequence while keeping the scene uncluttered.

All in all it’s a very simple yet powerful tool and it’s at the core of development.

Mechropolis – Unity Puzzle Manager


While working on Mechropolis, we needed a way to visualize and easily set up puzzles. I created a flexible and generic system to handle events at run-time. There’s a blog post here that describes the requirements for the system and how it works in detail.