#OneHourGameDev – 8

I have deviated quite massively from the premise of this challenge it feels like. Fell behind due to having to work and fell behind further this weekend as I’ve haven’t been home. Despite all that though I’m committed to getting something together for this. I’ve gotten a quite clear idea on what the game is going to be, even though it’s still a long way away.

Anyhow, for this hour, I decided to focus on the visuals. I’m a programmer by nature and as I’m doing this all by self I’m going for some sort of glorified programmer-art approach. Fiddled with a color scheme to get something coherent, which sort of failed. I’m probably going to ask someone to just make me a nice palette, or I’ll find a nice one somewhere. After feeling somewhat done with colors, I moved on to shapes which is incredibly easier, as I’m going for an abstract style.

Got the idea to make all the shapes meshes, mainly to maintain perfect crispness on all resolutions. Which would go hand in hand with the scaling solution I’ve done already. It was a bit fiddly getting the mesh to render but finally grasped how it’s done. Apparently it’s not possible to access the vertex color that’s baked in the file, which sort of sucks. I planned to use the vertex color to do some funky gradients and general coloring of the meshes. We’ll see what I do instead. Single colors should be really easy to achieve anyways.

I’ll get a gameplay video/gif up when I’m done sexing up the visuals.