#OneHourGameDev – 2 Defold!

After the update yesterday I got some clarity on the mechanics of the game (after screwing around for the first hour). With this revelation I also got the idea to try something drastic and new, the Defold game engine (http://www.defold.com/). I’ve heard people talking about it for a while and as I got into the beta the other week, I thought why not. I’ve been using Unity for 3 years and I’m very comfortable with it, it’s about time I try something new! Today’s experience has mostly been me trying to figure how stuff works and trying to get a grasp of the basics. Also been trying to get used to the Lua syntax, which is more of a challenge than one could imagine.

I was also inspired by my colleague Kenth (who’s also doing the challenge) to do a timelapse video. Took some time to set up but got it working eventually. It mostly consists of me fumbling around in the Defold editor, screwing up the Lua syntax (muscle memory semicolons…) and trying to figure out why stuff doesn’t work. I did however make some progress, doesn’t look like much at the moment but it’s something (movement and basic collision!).

(The gif was not suppose to be so dramatically slow, something happend when recording :))

Mostly been using the getting started tutorials as reference so far. I’m probably heading into deeper waters tomorrow, stay tuned!

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