I just came back from Game Connection in Paris yesterday and it has been quite the experience. I was primarily there to pitch Braindusts new game BlastCat to publishers and I must say it went quite well. Had a lot of good meetings (both planned and spontaneous) and have a lot of promising contacts to follow up on, these are interesting times indeed.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Game Connection is: it’s basically a dating service for games industry folks. You send meeting requests to companies ahead of time and the system automatically works out an agenda with all your meetings and where you’re suppose to meet. More importantly is the mere proximity and opportunity to just talk to industry people to network and present your project and get feedback.

Surprisingly for a very early alpha, I got exclusively positive feedback on the game although some more enthusiastic than others of course. I’d hope this is because we have a very simple, solid and enjoyable core mechanic with lots of potential to be become even better by some tweaking and polish. A process which will continue this week with implementation of a tutorial and redoing some of the levels to better fit some sort of learning curve before we send the game off for evaluation. I’ll be posting more in-depth about that subject and the game as a whole in the future.

Game Connection also coincided with Paris Games Week which was held in the same expo area, didn’t really have the time though so I just ended up taking a 30 minute walk in one of the halls. For me one of the highlights with these sort of expos is always seeing what other universities are up to, and this was no exception. The only place I really stopped at was a french university where I was demoed a game on impressively broken English. Also, it was quite surprising that the vast majority of visitors of PGW seemingly were kids 8-12 years. Perhaps I was just expecting the same type of crowd as at Gamescom, where everything was age-restricted.

Going to Paris for the first time, of course we did some touristing as well, so here’s the obligatory Eiffel Tower picture:
2014-10-30 21.13.41