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BlastCat Main Menu

For the longest time, the menu in BlastCat was in essence a programmer art placeholder. After finding some inspiration from other games, I had a solid idea on what to do. I was imagining a rotating planet showing different the different themes/worlds. The very first iteration of the new menu. Note the curvature, it’s achieved […]

Particle Prototyping

Played some Super Mario 3D World today and I must say the particle effects in that game is absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that it inspired me to do some quick (< 5 minutes) prototypes for an upcoming project. I’m thinking we will be able to get some really awesome effects done with this approach. […]

It’s a new year!

It really has been an amazing year. Started out by doing Mechropolis in Q1-Q2 and a mobile/tablet demo for CoBots, went to Köln for GDC and Gamescom in the summer and started work on what would develop into BlastCat, Attended the Dreamhackathon at Globen, Went to Game Connection in Paris at the end of October, […]